The Importance of “Networking” in Your Network Marketing Business

A complete understanding of the importance of “networking,” is a common trait amongst those who succeed in their network marketing business. Although there are similarities between networking and marketing, it is necessary to realize that the two concepts are not identical. Both networking and marketing share a heavy reliance on interpersonal relations, thus forcing people to confront and overcome the fears associated with talking to others. The potential of rejection is present in both; however, it is countered by a substantial opportunity for personal gain. For many people, the words “networking” and “marketing” are dirty words.It is generally a flawed understanding of the principles of networking that cause some to be resistant to the concept. This resistance is likely to be found in people who believe that network marketing is beneath their social status. Many people view networking as a means of connecting, simply in the pursuit of personal gain. Those who espouse this viewpoint are likely to view networking as being shady or even unprofessional. This line of thinking is rooted in the assumption that advancement comes only at the expense of other people. People holding to this viewpoint regard success in life as a zero-sum proposition. Adherence to this viewpoints also shapes a person’s thinking in regards to the field of network marketing. The idea of receiving personal gain from other people’s efforts is viewed in a negative light, and considered inequitable. Those who are success in their MLM business are quick to point out that their businesses have not been built at the expense of others. In fact, the business of network marketing actually rewards people when they help others achieve success. From this vantage point, the network marketing business model may actually be one of the fairest most non-discriminating business models in use today.The black cloud sometimes associated with network marketing is best explained by considering the type of network marketer, who creates negative sentiment towards the business model as a whole. Intermingled with legitimate MLM business owners are those who could best be described as opportunistic ‘hunters.’ These marketers move in for quick profit, then disappear just as quickly. These individuals show little regard for the well being and best interest of those they prey upon. The life of this type of marketer is short lived, because the reputation of their actions ultimately catches up to them. As others discover the hunter’s true motivations, people withdraw their willingness to interact with this type of marketer.On the other hand, a highly successful network marketer operates much like a farmer, investing great amounts of time to the establishment and nurturing of interpersonal relationships. Common traits found in successful network marketer include: Regular investment in their network, motivation, equipping and empowering of their business team. They leverage the synergy of their network, without taking advantage of the team members within the network! A fact that is both recognized and regarded by those within their team. True network marketing professionals, strive to keep the interests of others in their rightful position. This attention to personal care, makes working with a true MLM professional highly satisfying.Any business model is in some way highly dependent upon networking. Although network marketing has many differences in comparison to traditional business models, the importance of networking is just as critical, if not more so. A network marketer has not learned the art of networking will quickly find themselves out of business. At its very foundation, network marketing is first and foremost a people centered business, thus demanding by the ability to effectively work with people. It becomes obvious why successful network marketers are masters in the art of networking. The development of this ability has far reaching implications. Often times, a business owner can apply their networking and people skills to a traditional business model, leading to much greater productivity and business success.It would be a mistake to underestimate the importance of good networking skills, even if you are utilizing a business model other than network marketing. For those truly want to develop this skill, some of the best mentoring and training will come from those who have built strong MLM business organizations. Take the time to connect with a few people who fit that description, and tap into their wisdom in regards to this aspect of their life. The mentoring you receive will benefit you personally, and help you establish your own networking success story!

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