Effective Marketing Trick for Your Business Mobile Communication

Marketing is an essential tool for increasing sales and brand reputation. People buy things from the brand that are familiar to their ears. If you want to implement a highly responsive business marketing system, then you can go for mobile marketing. This is still an effective marketing method despite the development of online marketing through SNS sites. People still use text massages as their primary communication need for casual and professional purpose. When a customer receives an SMS on their mobile, they read the message for sure. If you can send messages regarding special offers and discount vouchers, you will certainly get positive responses from your targeted customers.Effective text adsTest ads are effective and it outshines other relevant advertisement tools. When you are using Business Mobile Phone services to send ads to a specific customer group, the customers will easily relate to the service you are providing because the product and the service is relevant to their needs. You can chalk out the right type of customers and the rest of the job will be done by the SMS gateway service to send your advertisement to the customers. You can enlarge your business service capacity and get text messages from all over the world by efficient mobile communication system for business. When you have a certain cluster of clients and potential customers, communicating with them in a more personalized way is the key factor in getting positive business responses.The service benefitsThere are endless opportunities with the Business Mobile Phone service for your business. You get to reach your targeted customers. You can even interact with your customers in a systematic way in order to improve your customer service and product quality. Receiving real-time customer feedback with the specially designed survey software is highly effective in business growth and success in a particular project. This type of applications can be easily integrated with your existing SMS gateway service. You can get more customer oriented business communication benefits by performing surveys for your products.Conduct mobile surveysIf your business requires filling up forms and other paper based analysis method, then you can certainly get a flawless mobile survey solution with the help of customized survey software and economic Mobile Phone Tariffs. You can easily perform product surveys just by sending and receiving text messages. If you want to conduct a survey or a poll on the worldwide basis, then you need to go for an economic tariff plan. A customized tariff plan and an efficient mobile communication system will enable you to communicate to almost all the countries and continents.Effective business marketing tools are essential for any business house. It is not only about increasing sales, you can build a strong relation with your customers. Mobile marketing services are cost effective and a responsive advertisement medium. You should utilize this medium for your business reputation and growth.Today, this service is widely popular and used by many corporate giants. If you run a small scale business, then you can earn more customer respect and establish a future ready brand reputation by deploying state of the art mobile communication services. You should go for value added communications services and economic Mobile Phone Tariffs. Cut effective business overhead by minimizing the use of traditional communication system. Switch to the future ready and zero disruption mobile communication and advertising method.

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Art Prints as An Additional Revenue Source

A very common challenge that all artists face is that they have very limited time. When you take a closer look at the career of a professional artist, he or she is mostly exchanging time for money.For instance, an artist may sell a piece of painting for X amount of dollars. But time is a limited resource. There’s only so much time in a single day. So no matter how fast an artist works, there’s a limit to the number of art pieces he or she can product in a single day (without compromising on the quality of the works).Professional artists know their limits. And they also know that to make a full time living as an artist, he or she has to sell a pre-determined number of art pieces for a pre-determined amount of dollars. Anything less means the business is not doing too well, and the consequence is that he or she may be forced to give up art.To make a living full time as an artist, one would have to understand business as well.
Unfortunately, not all artists possess business skills.The professional artist knows how to increase the number of revenue streams. They understand that the only way to increase revenue without requiring them to put in more time is to increase the number of products they own.Products here mean items that can be reproduced without needing additional time from the artist. For example, he can paint an oil painting and have it mass produced for sale at retail shops. That’s where the subject of art prints come in.Art prints, in the online world, provide an additional income source for the artist with no immediate additional expense. How this works is that the artist produces an artwork, convert it into digital format through a scan or a digital photo, and upload it to a website for sale.Art prints are sold through these websites (also known as art print marketplaces) as physical products such as posters, T-shirts, mugs, etc. These vendors do all the printing and shipping. All items have a base price, and the artist earns a commission after the vendor has taken his cut.If the artwork of the artist is popular, the artist can continue to earn a steady revenue stream without putting in additional work. This is a great way of earning passive income. Both full and part time artists can do this. There’s very little risk involved.And who knows, maybe a customer may become a fan of the artist and ends up spending a fortune on an original artwork.

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Fine Art Photography and Giclee Printing – Finding the Right Supplier

If you are an artist about to order Fine Art Photography and Giclee printing, it is sometimes difficult to know which supplier to choose. If you are having your Art photographed, then a supplier within easy driving distance is important, because the cost of transporting expensive art can be prohibitive, but if you already have your own images then you have a large choice of online suppliers.As far as the photography of your art is concerned, look for a Professional Photographer with experience of working with and handling Fine Art. Many suppliers out there have no background experience of copying art and many do not even use photography. They will offer to ‘Scan’ your artwork on a flatbed scanner, which I am sure you are familiar with. Scanning can be satisfactory depending on the type and size of artwork. It is not really suitable for Oils if you want to eliminate all surface reflections. Many suppliers use A3 scanners a few A2. If your art is larger than the scanner your image will be ‘stitched’ together. It will be scanned in sections, sometimes as many as four depending on the size of the original. It will then be digitally joined together to form a full size image. Certainly not the best approach if you want the very finest reproduction of your art and physically impossible on large or framed paintings.You will find that suppliers that scan your art may also offer the option of photography if you request it, but the price will be considerably more than scanning as you need an experienced photographer and in most cases they use an outside provider. Better to find a professional photographer experienced in Fine Art who also offers a Giclee printing service.When providing your own image for Giclee printing, you may be unsure if it is suitable, unless of course it was produced professionally and you have had prints produced from it before. Ask suppliers if they will give you a free assessment of your image and ask if it is suitable to produce a Giclee print at your chosen size. Ask if they will advise you if there will be any issues that may effect the quality of your Giclee print, before you commit to a print run.Giclee print prices and quality vary from different suppliers, but the lowest prices, although attractive, are not acceptable if this means low quality. Apart from the basic requirements of high end printer, archival papers and inks, the end result will depend on the skills of the person producing the print. The final print quality of an image is determined well before it even reaches the printer. The digital image needs to be balanced, corrected and matched to the original to achieve the finest reproduction. Unfortunately this is where some suppliers are lacking. To truly understand a digital image and what needs to be done to produce a superb Giclee print, needs a skilled person with a background of dealing with images for print. Again a good professional photographer has these talents.A good Giclee print should be indistinguishable from the original art if produced correctly. There are always occasions when it may be impossible to match an individual colour exactly, but the real test is that the print retains the full tonal range of the original. There should be no loss of detail, even in the darkest shadows or the brightest highlights. If your print has lost detail in these areas, reject it. There is no excuse for this problem and the offer of a reprint will not usually solve the issue. The problem will almost certainly lie with the origination.Always be sure to insist on a proof before committing to an order for Giclee prints, most good suppliers will provide a proof prior to printing. There may be a charge for the proof, but it is worth it if you are ordering a run of expensive Giclee prints. It is important to view and compare the proof with your art under the same lighting conditions. Most suppliers will proof your image at A4. This is quite satisfactory to judge colour balance but if your final Giclee prints will be printed larger than this e.g. A2 the smaller sized proof will not allow you to check the tonal balance or detail that will be visible at the larger reproduction. I offer my clients a ‘Split’ A4 proof. One half of the proof has the full image, the other half is an enlarged section at the chosen print size. Ask your supplier if they can do the same.Choosing the paper for your Giclee prints will be a matter of personal choice. Weight, finish and quality of manufacture will be the main considerations. Giclee papers are generally in the 250gsm to 350gsm weight range, but feel the papers first to make a decision. I have a 280gsm paper that feels heavier than my 300gsm paper, I am not sure why but it pays to check papers first before you go to print. The surface finish will vary between types, as will the whiteness of the paper. Practically all papers produced for ink jet printing today are ‘Acid Free’ and any paper from a well known manufacturer of paper for Giclee printing should be of a suitable quality for fine art printing. If you are ordering online, ask your chosen supplier if they can provide you with paper samples. Some will charge for this service, I provide Giclee paper samples free when requested, as a set of A6 prints.Finally, your Giclee print should be incredibly sharp. If the original has been photographed correctly your print will be as sharp and crisp as your original. Do not accept anything less!

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Growing Demand for Advanced Military Systems Amid Increasing Defense Budgets

After years of painfully slow development owing to high equipment costs, Electro-Optics/Infrared (EO/IR) systems have found application in militaries across the globe. These systems provide enhanced visibility and extensively used for night vision, navigation, surveillance, and targeting by the armed forces.The importance of these systems is seen to be taking quantum jumps, and the technological advancements have led to more reliable, rugged, and compact devices. These devices, in turn, find increased usage and acceptance in the present day scenario.Electro-optic/Infrared systems are critical for border surveillance and situational awareness. The recent developments have paved the way for the application of EO/IR systems in all three types of forces, i.e. air, land and naval. These systems are customized to work along with the existing equipment for a more precise output. The EO/IR systems are further categorized based on the usage namely targeting system, electronic support measure, and imaging system.It is estimated to record a growth rate of 7.25% for global military electro-optical and infrared systems market. The processed information gained by analyzing movements has always been critical in accomplishing the required mission. These systems consist of a broad category of equipment designed to support the military’s decision-making, planning, and intelligence.Electro-OpticsIt consists of devices and components that operate by analyzing the interaction of light with different materials. This system work on the electro-optical effect that relates to variance in the optical properties of different mediums. It can aid in assessing the movement and type of artillery of a battalion.InfraredThis system detects the infrared radiation. The infrared emissions are directly related to the temperature of a body, i.e. colder objects emit less energy than hotter objects. Since a human body temperature is much warmer than the surrounding temperatures, any objectionable movement in areas of less or zero visibility can be tracked by the forces.Some of the major players are Rockwell Collins, Harris Corporation, Thales, Raytheon, Lockheed Martin Corporation, L-3 Communications Corporation, and Elbit Systems Ltd.The demand for Electro-Optics/Infrared systems has seen positive growth in recent years amid increasing tensions among the largest economies of the world as per the market intelligence firm. The highest growth is predicted to be in the Asia-Pacific region due to rising dominance of China in South-Asia region. Also, India is on its way of revamping its military systems completely which will further supplement the growth of Global Military Electro-Optics / Infrared (EO-IR) Systems Market.

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Toolbox Essentials – Screwdrivers

Screwdrivers are probably the most common tools used both for household and professional purposes. They come in a large variety of sizes from tiny jeweler’s screwdrivers up, and are designed to match the large variety of screws available.The screwdriver seems to have originated in either France or Germany in the late 15th century. The original name for this tool was screwturner or turnscrew. The earliest screwdrivers had pear-shaped wooden handles and were made for slotted screws. Screws were used in the 15th century for constructing screw-cutting lathes, for securing breastplates, backplates and helmets on medieval jousting armor. Screwdrivers developed over time as the development of screws evolved and improved.In 1908, a Canadian, P.L. Robertson, although not the first person to patent the idea of socket-head screws, was the first person to successfully commercialize them. Socket screws rapidly grew in popularity and are still a favorite of mechanics today for their resistance to wear and tear, their compatibility with hex keys, and their ability to stop a power tool when set. Unfortunately, Robertson was unwilling to relinquish his patents and as a result, ran in to difficulties when trying to market his invention to the newly booming auto industry.In the meantime, an American, Henry F. Phillips, patented his own improved invention, today known as the Phillips screw. It was a version of a deep socket with a cruciform (arranged in a cross) that quickly became, and still remains, the most popular screw in the world. A main attraction for the screw was that conventional slotted screwdrivers could be used on them.Torx, the trademark for a type of screw head characterized by a six-point star-shaped pattern, was developed in 1967 by Camcar Textron. The screwdriver used on these screws is sometimes referred to as a star screwdriver. Torx screws are commonly used on automobiles, motorcycles, bicycle brake systems, hard disk drives, computer systems and consumer electronics. Initially, they were used in applications requiring tamper-resistance, since the drive systems and screwdrivers were not readily available.There are many different types of screws, and consequently many different types of screwdrivers, available today. The slotted, Phillips and Robertson screwdrivers remain the most popular. From minor household repairs, to major construction projects, the need for a good set of screwdrivers is apparent. It would be convenient to only require one type, but the variety of metal and wood screws available deem this impossible. If a screwdriver is not the correct size and type for the screw being used, it’s very likely that the screw will be damaged in the process of tightening or loosening it.Screwdrivers may be purchased individually or in sets. Your toolbox or tool drawer should contain at least a couple of flat or slotted screwdrivers, a couple of Phillips screwdrivers, and a couple of Robertson screwdrivers, all in various sizes. A set of precision screwdrivers and perhaps a small cordless screwdriver with various bits are great tools to have on hand as well. Some screwdriver tips are magnetic, so that the screw remains attached to the screwdriver while the screwdriver is being used. This feature is particularly useful when working with small screws that are typically difficult to handle.A set of screwdrivers or a cordless screwdriver can prove to be an inexpensive but useful gift for someone starting out on their own. Both men and women can make use of these tools for a variety of tasks from simply tightening existing screws around the house, installing a ceiling fan, or for working on home renovations. Having the right tools for the job is imperative. Although it may be tempting, never use screwdrivers as improvised substitutes for pry bars, levers, hole punches, or any other purpose they are not designed for. Such use can damage the tip or bend the shaft, or injure the user if the screwdriver slips or fails. Always remember safety first!

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